Moderate the App with Terms of Use

As a campus app administrator, you control the Terms of Use that govern student behaviour on the app, where you can update the text of the Terms of Use and link to supporting documents. Also, you can log all users out of the app, compelling them to read and accept the updated Terms of Use before logging in again.



Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Terms of Use

Steps to update the terms:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud
  • Click your name (top right of the screen), then click "Campus Settings."
  • Click "Terms of Use."
  • Use the text box to make your changes.
  • Click Publish.

When you publish updated terms of use:

  • It is visible to everyone who registers to the app.
  • Already logged-in users are prompted to accept the new terms. If they do not accept, they are logged. Trying to log in again, they will be prompted to accept the Terms of Use.

To add a link:

  • Select the text you want to link
  • Click the Link button in the menubar (Screen_Shot_2020-03-20_at_1.15.51_PM.png)
  • Paste the URL of the destination link

The section titled "Ready Education - Read Only" is added to the end of the terms of use. This text is read-only and cannot be edited.

Note: Updating Terms of Use reflects for all app users (irrespective of the app environment, test/prod school) and requires the "Campus App Management" permission. If you do not see "Campus App Management," speak to your Customer Success Consultant to enable access.


Text of the Terms of Use 

The following examples can be used to update your terms for the app users.

  • The XYZ mobile app is a joint partnership between Ready Education and XYZ University. XYZ users should know that all university policies apply when using this product, including the Responsible Use of Information Technology. Refer to the XYZ Student Handbook for further details. By clicking below, I agree to these terms and conditions.


  • Welcome to the ABC University Mobile App! This app is the official campus app for current students to engage with the ABC community on their mobile devices. This app is an extension of ABC University, where we desire to create a positive, uplifting virtual community reflective of ABC's ethos. Therefore, while using the app, students will be required to abide by the policies and rules in the Undergraduate Student Handbook (for graduate students) or the Graduate Student Handbook (for graduate students). Please be mindful when posting in this app that your behavior is a reflection of our community. Posts and comments that do not reflect these standards and the University values will be removed. Students who repeatedly use this app in a manner that is inconsistent with these standards, values, the Handbook, and the other policies will be referred to the Student Care Process and appropriate sanctions, including but not limited to removal of access to some or all of the mobile app features, may be imposed. Please join us in making this mobile app an uplifting and inclusive resource for our Community.


  • We value your privacy and protect your personal information. By registering with the MyQRS app with your QRS credentials, you agree to the Ready Education Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and the terms and conditions mentioned below.
    • The app aims to allow our students to engage with and receive information about QRS. All posted content and comments shall announce or ask questions about QRS resources, classes, services and events, housing, lost and found items, and school-related items for sale. The College encourages students to report instances pertaining to sexual misconduct and safety issues through the college's established reporting forum in your student portal rather than posting publicly. Or call 911 for immediate emergencies. QRS reserves the right to revise these categories.
    • In addition, you agree to comply with all QRS policies when using the mobile application, including but not limited to those outlined in the Student Code of Conduct
    • All posts must comply with local, state, and federal laws. Posts out of compliance with these conditions will be removed and reported to QRS staff following the applicable policies and procedures. 
    • Users should not expect this app to be moderated by QRS staff 24x7. Further, you acknowledge and agree to the built-in moderation features for the Campus Wall in myQRSApp. This built-in moderation allows users to flag posts or images that they consider inappropriate. Any posts that receive your flags are automatically removed from the campus wall to be reviewed by the QRS Staff, who will approve, move or delete the post. 
    • The communications Decency Act, Section 230, grants immunity to QRS from lawsuits as the provider of the MyQRS App. The app is the property of QRS. As a user, you grant QRS a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to retain and display any content you post. 

** Please note that the phrases in BOLD in the Texts of Terms of Use mentioned above can be used for hyperlinks according to your policies and choice.