App Developer Account

  • You can submit a ticket with the Support Team. Make sure you share/forward the email in the Ticket.

  • It is important to grant "Admin" permissions for Ready Education Team to be able to publish the app updates from time to time. Click here for instructions.

  • For exporting Android App Reviews, click here <---
    For exporting iOS App Reviews, click here <---

  • No, Ready education does not respond to App reviews. Refer to the question above for exporting reviews.
  • To submit an app update, please follow Submitting an update to Android app article. It has all the required information.
  • To gather more information for this question, submit a ticket with Support.

  • App Transfer Process is a proactive step to transfer the app from Ready Education's Developer Account to your account so you can have full access to the app. To get started, go to Android app Transfer process.
  • You can find more information by visiting the following links:
    Verify contact information for your developer account
    About ID verification for Buy on Google