Login and User Management

  • - Click your name (top right of the screen), then click Change Password

    - Type your old password

    - Type your new password, then type it again to confirm it

    - Click Change Password

  • We support name change/ preferred name for:
    - SAML - supported
    - CAS - supported
    - LDAP - not supported
    Your Campus IT would have to change your name in the system and what they are releasing to us. Once your IT team has updated from their end, let us know. We will map the attributes and you can Log out and then Log in to see the changes within the following few hours.

  • To check permissions on-campus cloud.

    - Go to Campus Cloud

    - Click your name (top right of the screen), then click on profile.

    To advance the permissions you will have to get in touch with your Campus Cloud administrator, they can help you with modifying your permissions.

  • - Go to Campus Cloud

    - Click your name (top right of the screen), then click on team setting.

    - Search for the person who needs to be removed from the list, then click on the small X button on the right.

  • Users will have to get in touch with Campus IT, and they are the ones who can change it in the active directory. Once the changes have been made, they will need to Log out and Log in to see the changes.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot change the email address associated with Campus Cloud. Still, we can add a new user with a new email address and remove the user with an unwanted email address.

  • We cannot limit permissions for a user/student on the App. All users are allowed to add all the other users as friends. 

  • As an administrator, if you'd like to Close or Ban an app Account for an App user please make sure to submit a request to Support.


    • Closing the account: A user would be able to create their account again using the same
      email address.
    • Ban the Account: A user will not be able to recreate their account using the same email. If you'd like to reinstate this user into the app, you'd have to make an official request to us.