How do I get invited to Campus Cloud?

Campus Cloud is the tool you use to manage and administer your school's campus app.  You can manage a service or a club, or any kind of content available to students. Students use the campus app to see the content you create, as well as communicate back to you.

You have to be invited to use Campus Cloud. 

Who can invite you?

  1. Club owners (including athletic clubs). You can be invited by another owner of a club. Someone who has permission to manage that club in Campus Cloud can invite you.  
  2. Service executives: You can be invited by another service executive.  Someone who is already an executive of that service can invite you.  
  3. Orientation manager: You need to be invited by your school's Campus Cloud administrator.
  4. Other kinds of content (calendars, announcements, and the campus wall): You need to be invited by your school's Campus Cloud administrator.  

To invite a team member to Campus Cloud. Follow the instructions ---> Here.

Once you have been invited, check your email for an invitation.  Follow the instructions in the email to set a password.  Then you'll be able to log in. If you face any issues logging in, check out this article to troubleshoot login issues.

From all of us, welcome to Campus Cloud!