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My Profile - Detailed Breakdown

"My Profile" on Campus app gives you quick access to your Campuses, Health & Wellness, Friends, Calendar, Courses, Grades, Groups, Upcoming Events, Activities, Form Responses, Financial Account, Account Balance, Financial Aid, Holds etc. 



Figure 1 - Campus App - My Profile

My Campuses

If your school is a multi-campus school, then you will be able to see all your campuses here. Otherwise, you can see your campus.



Health & Wellness

This is a special entitlement that you can view if your school has registered for it. You can see things like Campus Pass, Assessment History, Location History, Testing Centers etc.



My Friends

If you have added friends through Community on your app, you can see all your friends here. Know how to add a friend to Community.



My Calendar

Here you can see the list of academic Calendar items that are past and due.



My Courses

If your school has entitled itself to this integrated service, you will see the courses you have enrolled yourself for.



My Grades

You can see your exam grades under My Profile > My Grades.


My Groups

If you are a member of any Organization or student Club on your campus, you will see and access those groups here.



My Upcoming Events

As the name says, you can see all the upcoming campus and student Events here.



My Activities

You can view all your activities here, which events you have attended or assessments you have taken etc.


My Form Responses

If you have taken part in any assessment and forms, you will be able to see your responses under My Profile > My Form Responses.


Connect My Account

You will be able to connect your financial account here only if your school has registered for this entitlement.



Account Balance

You can only see the connected account balance if your school has registered for this entitlement.



My Financial Aid

If you have availed of any financial aid from your school, you will be able to see and access it from here and the ones you are eligible for.



You can view the information for courses on hold and that you cannot enrol in.