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To have the right experience you need to know your way around the campus as well as your campus App. Well the app will tell you all about your campus and here you can find your way through the app. 



Figure 1 - Campus App Home


Home Page Overview

Emergency Contact (shield_icon.jpeg)

Emergency contacts appear at the top of the campus guide: students can access them by tapping the emergency contacts icon (shield_icon.jpeg). 

  • You need to report harassment immediately or need a safety service request or you wish to speak to someone about your mental health. You can find such information here as the term suggests.




This is where you can add your favourite information that is most useful for you and which you need to navigate almost everyday.


Today's Schedule

You can see all your classes that are scheduled as on date. To view the whole schedule and to able to sync it with your calendar, you can click on "View All" on the extreme right of "Today's Schedule".

  • To see specific calendars click the images.png on the extreme right of your app, after clicking on View All.

Due Dates

These are specific due dates related to academic calendars or campus events that has due dates, You can also add your own due dates.


Campus Guide


Figure 2 - Campus Guide in Campus App

The icon next to home is your campus guide. Here you can see the entire information of your campus, like:

  • Your portal log in 
  • Calendars
  • Events
  • Student Services
  • Campus Passes
  • Dining 
  • Campus Map etc.



Figure 3 - Campus App - Community

The chat icon at the center of the footer is Community where you can connect with your friends on campus and interact. Also, you can join different club channels to stay connected on the topics that are your school specific. To know more about using community on your app please see Engage in Community


Get notified (bell_icon.png)

Of course it's the bell icon next to the Community.

To view your campus announcements:

  • Log in to your campus app.
  • Click bell_icon.png(second last tab, bottom).

Your announcements are shown with the newest on top. 

You can get important messages from your school even if the app is closed. 

  • Log in to your campus app and tap profile_icon.png (bottom right).
  • Tap settings_icon.png(top right), then tap "Notifications."
  • Make sure the "App Notifications" slider is on.
  • To receive campus announcements, make sure the "Campus Announcements" slider is on.

Make sure to turn notifications on in your phone.

Here are the steps (Android):

  • Go to your phone's Settings app.
  • Tap "Notifications" then select the campus app."
  • Turn on notifications.

 Here are the steps (iOS):

  • Go to your phone's Settings app.
  • Tap "Device" then tap "Notifications."
  • Turn on notifications for your campus app.

You can turn app notifications down without turning them off completely.

  • Log in to your campus app.
  • Tap profile_icon.png(bottom, last)
  • Tap  settings_icon.png(top right), then tap "Notifications."
  • Turn off notifications for various feeds.
  • (Optional) Turn off chat notifications.

It is important not to turn notifications off completely, so that you can still receive urgent and emergency notifications from your school.


My Profile (profile_icon.png)


Figure 4 - Campus app - My Profile

My profile on Campus app allows you to navigate directly through your calendar, courses, friends, account balance etc.

To check your profile you can click on the human icon and check your details anytime and add your image or change it. 

* Health & Wellness is a part of special entitlement if your campus is utilising the services. 

For more details on each element see My Profile - Detailed Breakdown