Organise a Great Event

Planning a campus event is hard work.  You got the approvals you need; you found a venue, booked the band, and you got the snacks.... wouldn't you want this event to be the best?

Campus Cloud enables you to create a great event and leave a mark in the minds, and more importantly, you can learn and make your next event even better.  


Promote your event on the Campus Wall


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Community Post

For information about how to do this, please see: Post to Campus Wall

You can use up to four images and text to promote your event. Remember to include all the relevant information and a call to action. 


Notify Students of Events

Would you not want to update your students about your events constantly. Campus Cloud empowers you to do so.

"Notify" appears on the top left in your Campus Cloud next to the "Community" tab, and it empowers you to make announcements by sending push-notifications that will appear on students' phones, like a text message.



Figure 3 - Campus Cloud - Notify


To create an announcement:

  • Click "Notify," then click “Create Announcement.”
  • Select the recipients of your announcement:
    • Campus-wide
    • A saved audience

There are three kinds of notifications: 

  • Regular. The student can choose not to receive these messages based on their notification settings. 
  • Urgent. These messages will override a student's notification settings. 
  • Emergency. These messages will override a student's notification settings and cannot be dismissed without reading. 

Note that it is still possible for students to block push notifications associated with these messages. Know more details on how to create notification templates and more HERE.


Take Attendance


Figure 2 - Campus Cloud - Event with Assessment


It's more than just a list of who attended.  It's a contact list you can use to help promote your events in the future.  

You can use the Campus Cloud Event Assessment feature to take attendance at your event.  You can have a list of attendance data sent to your attendance manager.  Keep this list and make sure those people are on the invite list for your next event.  See when people check in, too: who are the early adopters, and who arrives fashionably late...


Gather Feedback

The best feedback is quick, to-the-point, and targeted directly at the people you serve -- all characteristics of Campus Cloud Assessment.

The following will give you a complete overview of the Campus Cloud Assessment: