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Locations - Overview

Your campus app includes a map of buildings and landmarks around your campus.  You can build up this map by creating map locations in Campus Cloud. Know here how to 

Create A Location

  1. Click on Manage, then Locations.
  2. Click on Create Location. (You can upload a CSV file too to upload multiple locations at once)
  3. Select a category, or create a new category.
  4. Type a name and acronym for the location.
  5. Upload an image (optional).
  6. Type the address and select your location from the list of results.
  7. Add the longitude and latitude (optional).
  8. Add a description, phone, email, link label and link (optional).
  9. Under "Opening Hours," select when the location is "Open" and select hours of operation (optional).
  10. Click Save.

Create and Edit Categories for Locations