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Events - A Detailed Breakdown

This Feature enables you to create events for clubs and organizations that you have an access to and also for the services that you are a member of. Students can view the event in the app by clicking on the Events tile or by searching for the name of the event.

You can create multiple events to share with your students and also have them give their feedbacks through assessments. Campus Cloud gives you the capability of assessing the events through actual student feedbacks. In this article you can find:



Figure 1: Campus Cloud - Events


Create an Event

  • Click Manage, then click Event
  • Click Create Event
  • Upload an Image
  • Type a Name and Description
  • Select a Host
  • Select Start & End Dates
  • Turn on the Assessment (optional)
  • Provide a Conference link (optional) 
  • Save

Create an Event with Assessment


Figure 2 - Campus Cloud - Event with Assessment