Submitting an update/ Create a preview app

If you have opted to retain access to the iOS app and App Store Connect. 

Please follow the steps below to create a new app/ submit an app update. You can download the resources by using the link below. Fill in the school environment and client id; if you are unsure, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket.<app_env>-<client_id>/index.html 

How to resign the app:

1 - Extract the `` file in a folder (e.g. `path/to/ios_release`)

2 - Open Keychain Access and find/copy the exact name of the distribution certificate along with the Team ID [e.g. Apple Distribution: {TEAM_NAME} ({TEAM_ID})]. Some of the examples of possible certificate names can be as follows:
- iPhone Distribution: Ready Education Inc. (XXXX00XXXX)
- Apple Distribution: ABC Education Inc. (XXXX00XXXX)

NOTE: If the distribution certificate is not created, you need to create a new certificate. To learn how to create a distribution certificate and install it in your keychain, please click this link- Creating the iOS Distribution Certificate

3 - Open the `IOS_AppId.txt` file from the working directory (`path/to/ios_release/IOS_AppId.txt`) and find the `Bundle ID` (e.g. ``).

4 - Create App Identifier if it is not available. Ensure that the bundle identifier is the same, as found in Step # 3 (e.g. ``). While creating the App ID, make sure that the following capabilities are turned on and configured correctly:
a/ Associated Domains
b/ Push Notifications

NOTE: To learn how to create an App ID, please click here: Creating the iOS App ID

5 - If the provisioning profile is not available, create a new provisioning profile associated with the App ID created in Step # 4.

NOTE: To learn how to create a provisioning profile, please click here: Create the iOS Provisioning Profile 

6 - Download & copy the provisioning profile in the working directory where all the files are extracted (i.e. `path/to/ios_release`).

7 - Rename the provisioning profile name to `match.mobileprovision`. !!IMPORTANT

8 - Open the terminal and CD to the working directory `cd path/to/ios_release`

9 - Now run the following command:
`sh -c "Apple/iPhone Distribution: {TEAM_NAME} ({TEAM_ID})`
NOTE: `-c` param is the exact name of the certificate name copied from step # 2.

9 - If the provisioning profile and certificate match and there is no error, you will see the `ReSign FINISHED` message on the terminal in a few minutes.

10 - Upon successful execution of the above command, a new IPA with the name `RESIGNED.ipa` should be available in the working directory (e.g. path/to/ios_release/RESIGNED.ipa)

11 - Now open the `Transporter` app. If you don't have the Transporter app installed on your mac, you can download it from the following link: App Store link.

12 - Login with your apple developer account in the `Transporter` app.

13 - Drag and drop the `RESIGNED.ipa` & wait for a while, and click on the `Deliver` button to upload the resigned IPA to the app store.

14 - Once the IPA has been uploaded successfully, wait for some time (~ 30 mins), and after that, the IPA should be available and can be seen on `` (under TestFlight tab)

15 - You should now select the latest version to submit the app for review.

More resources are available HERE.