Set up your preview app on Google Play

If you have opted to retain access to the Android app and the Google Play Console. Please follow the steps below to set up the preview app. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by submitting a request

  1. Create your app
  2. Create a Closed Testing release
  3. Set up checklist
  4. Release your app

Before proceeding, ensure you have your App ID, the AAB file, and the Play Store resources link. You can download the following by using the links below:

  • The App ID should be unique across the Play Store for all apps. Example naming convention is
  • To download the AAB file :<APP_ID>.aab
  • Identify the link to the Play Store Listing resources zip from<APP_ID>

Create your app

1. Log in to the Google Play Console and Create a new app.


2. Fill in the details as below:

Click on Create App to create a draft app on the Google Play Console. 


The draft is available under All apps :


Create a Closed Testing release

1. Click on the draft app and navigate to Closed Testing:


2. Click on Manage Track and Create a new release


3. After uploading the AAB file, Save the upload



4. After saving, click on Review Release



Set up checklist

Since this is a brand new app, you will have to set up a few things before rolling it out to preview. Navigate to the Dashboard. Under Set up your app, it contains the list of things that need to be set up.


Let Ready Education know about your app’s fingerprint

Under the Google Play Console, click on the app, and then navigate under "Setup" > "App integrity" > "App signing" tab > Scroll to the bottom to the "Digital Asset Links JSON" > Copy the text from the text box below by clicking the copy button > Then send that copied text to Ready Education.


Let Google Play know about the Content of your App

  • Set privacy policy: The privacy policy URL is
  • App Access: These are login credentials for the app reviewer from Google Play

    Fill in the details as below:
    • Name: For any app user
    • Username/ phone number: Non-applicable, see testing instructions
    • Password: Create a strong password and add the password in this field
    • Any other instructions: 
      - Tap 4 quick consecutive times at the very top left of the welcome screen; this should open a text prompt for "Password"
      - In the popup, enter the password we provided, then click "Log in".
    • Click on Apply
    • The app access instructions are now updated. Navigate back to the Dashboard.


  • Ads: Choose- No, my app does not contain ads. Click Save and navigate to the Dashboard.
  • Content Rating: Click on Start Questionnaire 
    • Email Address:
    • Choose 'All other app types'
    • Answer the questions as below:
      The answer is Yes only to the following question under User Content.
      Does the app natively allow users to interact or exchange content with other users through voice communication, text, or sharing images or audio? Yes
      For all other questions - the answer is No.
      After the questionnaire is updated, navigate back to the Dashboard.
  • Target Audience
    • The audience is 13 and up; check the boxes 13-15, 16-17 and 18 and over.
    • The app does not appeal to children. Choose No for the Appeal to Children question.
    • Click Save and navigate back to the Dashboard.
  • News apps
    • Is this a news app? No
    • Save and navigate to the Dashboard
  • COVID-19 contact tracing and status apps
    • If you are not a Contact Tracing app, choose "My app is not a publicly available COVID-19 Contact Tracing or status app"
    • Click Save and navigate back to the Dashboard
  • Data Safety
    • Choose the option to import from CSV and upload the CSV file and Import. Please download the CSV from the attachments ---> HERE.
    • You can check the contents of the file and pre-populate the questions. Click Save and navigate back to the Dashboard

Manage how your app is organized and presented

  1. Select an app category and provide contact details
  2. Set up your store listing
    • Copy and Paste the short and long descriptions from the PlayStore metadata file.
    • Upload the app icon
    • Upload the feature graphics icon
    • Upload the phone screenshots exported from the metadata file as well. Make sure they appear in the correct order.
    • Click on Save and navigate back to the Dashboard.

Release your app

  • Go into Production ---> Countries/regions. You have to select the countries and regions in which the app should be available. 



  • Select the Country/region check box to Select All.

To review and rollout release: 

  • Navigate to Closed Testing ---> Alpha Track. Click on Manage Track.
  • Click on Review and rollout release
  • Click on Rollout to Alpha
  • Click Rollout
  • The app is now rolled out for preview

To release the app into Production

Once the app is rolled out to Alpha, you can promote it to Production.



If you have any questions/or comments, feel free to reach out to us. Submit a Request.

Note: Please watch for emails from Google and forward them to support to take action on your app.