Bulk Editing - Cases

Contact Trace Plus provides a powerful suite of tools to manage cases of COVID-19 on campus. You can see an overview of all Cases, take action on a group of Cases and follow up with students.

In this article, you can know how to

Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Cases (Bulk edit)

Bulk Editing Cases

To upload cases in bulk:

  • Create a CSV file and save it.
  • Log in to Campus Cloud
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to "Create Case."
  • Select "Import from CSV" in the dropdown
  • Click on "Select a CSV file."
  • Then click "Import."

To edit cases after bulk upload


Figure 2 - CSV Upload (Cases)

  • Check the box 
  • Select Status*
  • Click on Import Cases

(*) Please note that selecting status on top left will auto select for all the email ids you are uploading; to choose different cases for each id 

  • Click on the statuses on the extreme right next to the "Last Test Date."
  • Click on Import Cases

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