Share the Form with Students

After creating and publishing a Form, you can promote it to users in several ways:

  1. You can link to a Form from a post in any channel in Community.*
  2. You can create a push notification that links directly to a Form.*
  3. You can create a Campus Guide tile that links to a Form.
  4. You can share the URL to the Form and it will open it within a web browser.

*The first two methods require access to Workflows, which is part of our Interventions+ solution. Learn more with our Interventions+ playbook and contact your Campus Success Consultant to get started.


Figure 1: The Share tab for published Forms


Create a Campus Guide Tile to Promote Your Form

The campus app uses “Experiences” -- for example, Students, Alumni -- to show different information to different people. If you want a Form to be available to those other groups, be sure to add your Form to each experience where you want to share. 

Here are the steps to share a Form:

  • Click Studio, then click App Experiences
  • Find your experience in the list, then click Customize
  • Scroll down to the section where you want to add the tile, then click "+ Add"
  • Type a name for your tile, choose a color, and upload an image
  • Select Content-Type as Form
  • Select the Form you want to share
  • Click Save Changes


Figure 1. Add a form to a tile

Form Reminder Notifications

You can select the time and date to send a push notification to groups of users reminding them to complete a Form.

  1. Set “start date” for the day you want to send the Form Reminder.
  2. If you want to send recurring reminders, select a “Repeat” option. Make sure to set an “end date.”
  3. Form Reminders can be sent only to users who are members of an Audience. Note that “All Audiences” equates to any user who is in any Audience (which is not inherently all App Users).


Figure 2. Create a custom notification schedule for a form


Next Steps

After sending students a reminder to fill out the form, gather responses to provide resources they need to succeed. Learn about how to review results and submissions.

More information on Resources: