Create a Form

To create a Form, you will need 'Forms' permissions on Campus Cloud and have access to a Host.

Navigate to Campus Cloud. Go to Manage > Campus Resources > Forms.

  • Click on 'Create Form'
  • Choose the Category and Host
  • Build the form by choosing the response type
  • Use the Required and Logic options to navigate users through the form


Figure 1. Create a Form

Figure 2. Fill out the form questions


  • In Category, there are four options built into the system. In our future improvements to Forms, we will add more categories. It is not available at this time.
  • On one of the preset categories, Health and Wellness, templated forms are available.
  • Contact Trace forms are still housed under Manage> Contact Trace> Forms. An admin cannot create Contact Trace Forms from the Forms menu under Campus Resources.

Forms Permissions

Under Team Settings, If you have access to Manage> Forms, you will be able to create and see form responses from users. 

If you have access to a set of Hosts (services, organizations, etc), you will be able to view the forms hosted by them.