Getting Started with Forms

Get students' feedback and evaluate their opinions by leveraging the high adoption and engagement of the campus app. 

Forms are primarily used to gather information within the app from the app users.

  • You can use Forms to ask questions and collect information such as text, numbers, dates, multiple-choice, photoresponses, etc.
  • Users can scan a QR code to access a form. Or, you can also fill them out online (a web form).
  • You can send reminders to fill out forms
  • Users can see their form results in the app

As a Campus Cloud Administrator, you can view, edit and create Forms under the Manage section on Campus Cloud with the 'Forms' permission.


Figure. Manage> Forms

Note: Forms under Contact Trace are specific to the Contact Trace entitlement. For information on Contact Trace and enabling Contact Trace on your campus, reach out to us at

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