Getting Started with Community Keyword Alerts

Leverage the Community to identify common challenges and questions students face throughout the year. This could include monitoring mental health issues, helping students navigate physical and digital resources, and alerting support staff so they can proactively reach out to those who need their services.

This feature lets you create a list of keywords that, when mentioned in a post or channel, trigger an email to the Team Member(s) you designate. The email includes the context of the message, along with the name of the person who posted it so you can follow up by responding to the post, messaging the student privately, or contacting them outside of your Campus App.

Permissions and access

Only Community Managers have access to Community Keyword Alerts. 

If you have the Community Manager's permission, you can 

  • Create and edit Keyword Alerts
  • Assign Team Members to receive emails for each Keyword Alert
  • Activate or Deactivate the sending of those emails
  • View a list of posts and comments that match each Keyword Alert

You must be a Community Manager in order to be assigned to an active Keyword Alert since you will be able to see posts across all public and private channels. You will be prompted to grant this permission to anyone who needs it as part of the set-up flow. See more information about Team Member Permissions.