Getting Started with Community Keyword Alerts

Leverage the Community to identify students' mental health and at-risk students. Use Keyword Alerts to create a set of keywords to track and receive email alerts as students use the keywords.

Setup keywords in the community and receive alerts when channel members post messages with those keywords. The alert is an email that goes to the owners and moderators of the channel. 

Permissions and access

Only Community Managers have access to Community Keyword Alerts. 

If you have the Community Manager's permission, you can 

  • Create new keyword alerts
  • Edit them by adding, and modifying keywords
  • Use the Keyword Sets filter

Only Channel owners and channel moderators receive the email alerts. If a user is a Community Manager but isn't an owner or moderator of a channel, they will not receive email alerts.

If a Community Manager wants to receive alerts for a channel, they need to join the channel and promote themselves to the owner or moderator. 

For more information, visit Team Member Permissions.

Click here to see how you can set up Keyword Alerts for your Community.