Create Community Keyword Alerts

There is a new section called Community Keyword Alerts under Community Settings.

The list of all Keyword Alerts is displayed here. To activate an alert, toggle On and to turn off alerts for a keyword set, toggle Off.

Toggle On: When a user makes a post or adds a comment in a community channel, if that message contains a word that is in the associated set of keywords, then an alert is triggered. The alert is sent to owners and moderators of the channel. 

Toggle Off: If you turn a keyword alert off, no email will be sent if a post is made that matches the keyword set.


Figure 1. Keyword Alerts under Community Settings on Campus Cloud

Create a Community Keyword Set

  • Click on '+ New Keyword Set'

  • Provide a keyword set name

  • Add the keywords 

  • Click on 'Save'

Note: Keyword Alerts are not on by default. You have to turn them ON. You cannot use same keyword more than once, Campus Cloud uses keyword matching to make sure you don't type the same keyword more than once. The keywords are not Case-Sensitive.

Edit a Community Keyword Set

  • Click on the pencil icon next to the Keyword Set
  • Modify the name of the keyword set
  • Add or remove keywords
  • Click on 'Save'


Figure 2. Create or edit a keyword set

 Go to Getting Started with Community Keyword Alerts for more information on Community Alerts.

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