Email Alerts for Keywords

When a user makes a post or comments containing a keyword from the keyword set

  • An email is sent to all Team Members assigned to that Keyword Alert
  • Emails are not sent to Channel Moderators unless they have been explicitly assigned to the Keyword Alert. 

Here is an example of an email alert notification-


Figure. Email alert for using the keyword 'Anxious'

  • The email alert is generated from the “" email and the message subject gives the keyword that triggered the alert, and the channel name.
  • It gives the name of the user who made the post or comment and the time. There is a link to open the post (a permalink).
  • There is an unsubscribe link. Clicking it allows you to set your email notification settings. You can blanket turn off your email notifications for keyword alerts here. Or, you can follow this same link to re-subscribe.

Troubleshooting Email Alerts

If you haven't been receiving email alerts for keywords, make sure to check the following:

  • Make sure the keyword alert is active.
  • Ensure the alert receiver is a Community Manager, and has been assigned to the Keyword Alert.
  • Account Settings. Check to make sure your email notification settings are ON


Figure 1. Account Settings



Next Steps

Once you receive the email alerts for the keywords:

  • Respond to the post by leaving a comment.
  • Send a notification to the app user who made the post.
  • Create 'Resources' to address the question or topic. Here's how you can Get Started with Resources.
  • Create a workflow to share those 'Resources' by posting them to the channel. Here's how you can Get Started with Workflow.