As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can view, edit, add and delete all resources and information that you wish to send to your App users through the campus app. This function is next to "Insights" and is on the top left-hand side of Campus Cloud. It has four sections:


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Manage



"Studio" gives you the opportunity to create multiple experiences to deliver information to various audiences through the app, based on your requirements. Manage>>Studio.


"Workflows" gives you the opportunity to chain a set of actions by using triggers from end users. Manage>> Workflows.


Campus Content

A function that allows you to create various resources for your students that will help them during their term at your school. It has sub-parts like events, services, locations, dining etc. Manage>>Campus Content.


Student Life

This function allows you to set academic calendars, add clubs and organizations, post jobs etc. Manage>>Student Life.


Health & Wellness

Contact Trace Plus lets you implement an end-to-end contact tracing workflow with health assessment and anonymous contact tracing. Manage>>Health&Wellness.