App Users

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can see the list of audiences and app users by clicking on "App Users" in the top navigation menu, then clicking on either "App Users" or "Audiences" on the left menu.


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - App Users - App Users



Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - App Users - Audiences

App Users

Campus Cloud stores all activity logs and assessment data for all registered app users. As an administrator, you can view the individual's activities, send a direct message through the app or mute the user. Know more.



For Custom Audiences, you can click on the Audience name and type in a name or email address to add a registered app user or an email address to an existing audience. 

For Dynamic Audiences, users are automatically populated through a CSV integration to Enable Dynamic Audiences. For more information on setting up Dynamic Audiences, speak to your Campus Success Consultant.

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