App Users

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can see the list of audiences and app users by clicking on "App Users" in the top navigation menu, then clicking on either "App Users" or "Audiences" on the left menu.


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - App Users - App Users


Figure 2 - Campus Cloud - App Users - Reported Users



Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - App Users - Audiences

App Users

Campus Cloud stores all activity logs and assessment data for all registered app users. As an administrator, you can view the individual's activities, send a direct message through the app or mute the user. Know more.



For Custom Audiences, you can click on the Audience name and type in a name or email address to add a registered app user or an email address to an existing audience. 

For Dynamic Audiences, users are automatically populated through a CSV integration to Enable Dynamic Audiences. For more information on setting up Dynamic Audiences, speak to your Campus Success Consultant.

Know more about Audiences.


Reported User

Community managers have access to the Reported Users page, which provides a comprehensive view of all users who have been reported. This feature enables effective management and appropriate actions for reported users. Community managers can view all reports related to a selected user, including reports made against the user and those made by the user on other users. This feature offers valuable insights into user behaviour and helps make informed decisions.

Community managers can change the status of active reports, allowing them to update the status based on their review and actions taken. This feature provides flexibility in managing and prioritizing reports efficiently.

Community managers can add notes to each report, providing additional context, instructions, or comments regarding the report. The notes are available in both the Active and History of Reports sections, ensuring a comprehensive record of information.