"Community" is one of the functions of Campus Cloud where you can create channels to connect with your fellow mates, students, staffs, post your comments and views and stay connected. Its next to "Manage" in the home bar on the top left. There are 11 functions further inside Community. Which are 



Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Community

Functions inside Community:

Being a manager of an organization or service, you can use Community on behalf of that club/service or Athletic clubs and orientation calendars as well (called a Host). Select/Use as a Host.

You can find a channel by using its name or description. Find a Channel.

You can search across multiple channels or in-depth within a single channel. It looks for messages in the entire campus community. Search Post.

Public Channels allow you to join freely or add yourself automatically when you register on the Campus App. Public Channels.

Private channels can be joined only through invitation or request to join. Private Channels.

You can invite names, email ids, services, organizations or audiences to channels. Invite Members.

You can download community posts through Campus Cloud--> Download Posts.

You can view, promote or demote members in your community channels. Promoting or Demoting a member will give you an advantage of sharing the responsibilities across different individuals. View/Promote/Demote Members.

You can either post/comment as yourself or as a host. Post/Comment.

Each post or comment in the community has a permanent link or permalink. This link does not change over time, so it can be used to archive or share a message. Share a Post/Comment with a permalink.

You can fine-tune the community permissions to assign specific permissions to specific roles. This helps you foster the kind of community you want. Channel Settings.