Is Campus App/Campus Cloud down?

Campus Cloud and Campus App are both currently online.

However, to keep our software solutions ready to meet the demands of our customers, Ready Education is planning scheduled maintenance downtime for both on Saturday, 17 December:

  • 11 PM (Friday) -5 AM PT
  • 12 AM-6 AM MT
  • 1 AM-7 AM CT
  • 2 AM-8 AM ET

What should I expect? 

During this time, users will not be able to access any of the functionality or administration tools for both Campus Cloud and Campus App, and notifications will not be sent. Full functionality will be restored immediately following the scheduled maintenance period. 

What actions should I take?

There are no actions required of our customers during the downtime. However, please consider taking these two measures ahead of time:

  • You can use the Notify tab to send an announcement to all students, letting them know that their campus app will not be fully functional during this maintenance period. If you set this as an “Emergency” type of notification, it will display to any user upon opening the app, and persist until it is acknowledged. 
  • If you have scheduled notifications, posts, or form reminders to be sent during the maintenance period, these will not go out. If possible, reschedule these to go out on Friday, 16 December, or after 8 AM Saturday.

Below is messaging that you could use to communicate to your students and admins:

“On [Saturday, 17 December from 2 AM - 8 AM ET], your campus app will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. You are encouraged to perform all necessary activities by Friday at midnight, or plan to complete the activities once the maintenance period has ended.”

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us via our Help Center. You can also consult our Status Page for the most up-to-date information on interruptions.