Insights: Dashboard

The Campus Cloud dashboard presents you with a summary of student engagement with the campus app. As a club owner, service executive, or Campus Cloud administrator, you can use the dashboard to see how students interact with the content you create for your campus app. You can also see how students are using the app's social features (such as the community).

To view the dashboard, click Insights, then click Dashboard.

  • The dashboard defaults to a view of the last 30 days.
  • To change the date range, click "Last 30 days" and select 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. 
  • Or, use the calendar to select a start date and an end date. The dashboard updates to your custom date range.

Note: The data on Campus Cloud Dashboard only contains the information from the previous fully completed day, and the last day's processing may be delayed as it is processed overnight.

The following information updates to reflect the date range:

  • Downloads of your campus app and user registrations


  • Campus app activity -- how many students view events, services, and clubs from the campus guide


  • Top events and top services on your campus, based on the number of check-ins


  • Statistics about assessment check-ins


  • Social activity on the campus wall (messages, comments, posts, and likes) and connections ('friends') between app users


  • Student use of the campus guide, based on tile clicks


  • Top Services, based on the number of members


  • Top Organizations, based on the number of members


If you are a club owner or service executive and you do not see your club in the dashboard, you need to be granted permission for that group. A colleague can invite you. For more information, visit:

Viewing information about events, campus wall posts, and assessment requires access to those Campus Cloud features.  Your Campus Cloud administrator can grant you access. 

For an overview of Campus Cloud permissions, see Team Settings: Overview.