Community: A Detailed Breakdown

"Community" is one of the functions of Campus Cloud where you can create channels to connect with your fellow mates, students, and staff, post your comments and views, and stay connected. It's next to "Manage" in the home bar on the top left. 

This article focuses on 


Figure 1 - Community on Campus Cloud

To be able to use the community a few sets of permissions are needed which are based on three roles: 

  • Members
  • Moderators
  • Channel Owners

Each has slightly more permission than the one before. By assigning people to different roles, you can help share the responsibility of managing the Community and the control. For more info see here.

Everyone in Community

Everyone can post and comment once they have joined a channel. They can edit their messages, or delete them. As well as:

  • Like a post or comment 
  • Report a post or comment 
  • Copy the message permalink
  • Search for posts and comments, including filtering by date
  • View post and comment count 

Using Community as a Host

Being a manager of an organization or service, you can use Community on behalf of that club/service or Athletic clubs and orientation calendars as well (called a Host).

To use the community as a host, you have to be either

  • The channel Owner/ Member,
  • The Service Executive/Member or,
  • Organization Manager/ Member or,
  • Orientation Manager/ Member or,
  • Athletics Manager / Member

To add a member to the channel, 

  • Click "Add Member" (Add_member__CC_.png) to the right of the channel main view
  • Type the name of the host you wish to add
  • Select the host from the list and click Invite

Campus Cloud adds the host to the channel, granting the same level of permissions as a member within the channel. Once the host is added to the channel, you can use Community on behalf of that host. The channel moderator can edit or delete a host's posts and comments. The channel owner can add or remove hosts from a channel.  

To engage with the community as that Organization, Service, or Orientation/ Athletics manager, click the "Use-As" menu in the Community sidebar, then select the host.

Figure 2 - Select drop-down to select the host to use as

(*) Add a member in Services, Organizations, Orientation, or Athletics.

Share a post or comment with Permalink

Each post or comment in the community has a permanent link or permalink. This link does not change over time, so it can be used to archive or share a message. You can copy the permalink, and send it to another Campus Cloud user to share a message with them. Or, you can bookmark the permalink if you need to make reference to a message again in the future. 

  • Find the message you want to link
  • Click "More" (vertical_more.png)
  • Click Permalink


Figure 3 - Permalink to share a post


Campus Cloud displays the posted message in your browser with all associated comments.

To share a message using permalink, copy the address from your browser, and send it to others (for example, in an email or any other way you chose to) and to comment type in the comment section for that post and enter.

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