Create a Resource

The Resources feature is a suite of tools allowing school administrators to provide informational content to students through a rich digital experience. A Resource editor/creator is a rich text formatter.

To view the Resources section on Campus Cloud, you need permissions to manage a host and the 'Resources' permission.

This article focuses on:

Create a Resource

  • Click Manage, then click Resources
  • Click  Create Resource
  • Type a name for your Resource, choose an image, choose a host and type a description
  • Click Save (*)


Figure 1. Create a Resource

After creating a Resource, see Share Resources with Students to link it to a tile on Campus Cloud.

(*) You cannot shuffle resources once added, hence while creating new resources start from the last and end at the first one.


Edit a Resource

To edit a Resource, click “...” next to the name. To delete a workflow, click “...” next to its name. 


Figure 2. Edit a Resource

Add/Link Other Resources

You can add or link multiple resources in one. 

  • Follow the steps to Create a Resources
  • While creating a resource click on the tab next to the video tab 
  • Select the newly created or old ones that are previously created
  • Save


Figure 3. Adding Multiple Resources


Roles and Permissions 

Resources are controlled by the Resources permission in Team Settings. A user with the Resources permission can create Resources on behalf of any host (organization, service, athletic, or orientation). Campus Cloud administrators who have this permission will see Resources appear in the navigation sidebar, and they will be able to create, edit and delete all resources. 


Figure 4. Resources in the sidebar navigation