Share Resources with Students

After you have created and published a Resource you can share it in order for users to view it in the Campus App. Use Campus Cloud Studio to share the Resource in the Campus Guide, where it is easily accessible in the mobile app. Or, you can use the Service tile in the Campus Guide to share resources. 

The campus app uses “Experiences” -- for example, Students, Alumni -- to show different information to different people. If you want a Resource to be available to those different groups, be sure to add your Resource to each experience where you want to share. 

Here are the steps to share a Resource: 

  • Click Studio, then click App Experiences
  • Find your experience in the list, then click Customize
  • Scroll down to the section where you want to add the tile, then click "+ Add"
  • Type a name for your tile, choose a color, and upload an image
  • Select Content-Type as Resource
  • Select the Resource type you want to share
  • Click Save Changes


Figure . Resources on Campus App