Community - Channel Settings

Campus Cloud uses a system to control permissions within community channels. You can fine-tune the community permissions to assign specific permissions to specific roles. This helps you foster the kind of community you want: either very open, where it is easy to create channels, invite people, etc., or a more closed system where control is more centralized. 

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Figure 1 - Community - Channel Settings

Fine Tune Community Permissions

Fine-tuning community permissions is done with Community Settings. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud, then click your name in the top right corner
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click Campus Settings
  • Click Community Settings to view a list of actions that are possible within a channel
  • Use the menus to assign those actions to owners, members, and moderators
  • Click Save

Campus Cloud adjusts what actions are allowed in each of the various roles based on your options in Community Settings. 

* To change Community Settings, you need the Community Manager's permission

Community - Channel Roles

Campus Cloud Community uses a permissions system to share responsibility for moderating the campus community. Different roles have different levels of permission.  

Channel Moderator

Channel moderators are part of the "everyone" group. But, unlike ordinary users, they can do extra actions in Community, such as: 

  • Remove a user from the channel
  • Delete a user's posts and comments
  • Approve a reported post or comment
  • When searching for posts and comments, channel moderators can filter by username or status to search for reported messages. 

Channel Owner

As the top role within a channel, the channel owner can do all the actions a moderator can do and: 

  • Edit or Delete the channel
  • View (or revoke) pending invites to the channel
  • Approve or decline a user’s Request to Join the channel
  • Add another owner to the Channel Owners
  • Add or remove Channel Moderators

Community Manager

You can designate one or more Campus Cloud users as Community Managers. This is the highest level of permission within the Community. 

Community Managers can do all the actions of Moderators and Channel Owners across all channels in the Community. 

As well, they can:

  • Globally mute a user
  • Remove Channel Owners

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As a user with access to channel settings, you can specify the number of reports of a single post/comment should have before being hidden from Community. The default number is set to 4 posts. However, you can choose any number between 1 and 99999 (inclusive).

Channel Integration

You can integrate an Atom or RSS feed with a Community channel. Items in the feed appear automatically in the channel as if a real person published them. Students can view posts using the campus app. Now, you can

  • Add a feed to a new or existing channel
  • Combine up to 5 feeds in a channel
  • Manage the membership for the integrated channel
  • Manage settings for the integrated channel

To integrate an RSS or Atom feed with a Community channel:

  • Go to Community and the channel where you want to integrate the RSS feed.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the channel name from the column of the channels list.
  • Click Add integration under Integrations.


Figure. Add Integrations to a Channel


Figure. The feed is validated.

Items in the linked feed appear in the campus community, in the channel you integrated.

To edit the integrated feed, click on the three dots next to the feed and click 'Edit Integration.'

To delete the integrated feed, click on the three dots next to the feed and click 'Delete Integration.'

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Figure. Edit and Delete Integrations


  • The feeds sync once an hour.
  • The content of the message is truncated at 1,024 characters (this includes mark-up for links, which will display as clickable URL's if they fall within this limit).
  • While posts that are created from an external feed are now able to leverage features of the channel system, they will still not generate push or in-app notifications at this time. Currently, notifications are generated only by activity that occurs directly in Campus App or Campus Cloud. Extending notifications to posts created from an external feed will be part of the next update to this feature.

Share responsibility for managing the Community

You can share responsibility for managing community channels and moderating the content among Moderators and Channel Owners.

  • Once you have set the permissions in Campus Settings, use the Member List to put channel members into different roles.
  • If someone is not a member of the channel, you can invite them, and once they join, you can promote them to a member or moderator.
  • You can use the member list to see the status of your sent invites. Once the invitees accept your invitation, the member list will show a new moderator (or owner).
  • When the new moderator or channel owner logs in, they will find they have additional privileges in the channel.