Community: Roles and Permissions

Campus Cloud uses roles and permissions systems to control who can do what within community channels. Different roles have different levels of permissions. 

Community Roles

Permissions in Campus Cloud are based around three roles: 

Each group has slightly more permission than the one before. 

By assigning people into different community roles, you can help share the responsibility of managing the Community, while still maintaining control over who can do what. 

No work is needed on your part to enable the following basic permissions for everyone in the Community: 

  • Use Find a Channel to find public and private channels within the Community
  • Join a channel
  • Leave a channel
  • Request to join a private channel
  • Accept or decline a channel invite

What Everyone can do in Community

Everyone can post and comment once they have joined a channel. They can edit their messages, or delete them. As well, everyone can: 

  • Like a post or comment 
  • Report a post or comment 
  • Copy the message permalink
  • Search for posts and comments, including filtering by date
  • View post and comment count 

Channel Moderator

Channel moderators are part of the "everyone" group. But, unlike ordinary users, they can do extra actions in Community, such as: 

  • Remove a user from the channel
  • Delete a user's posts and comments
  • Approve a reported post or comment
  • As well, when searching for posts and comments, channel moderators can filter by username or by status to search for reported messages. 

Channel Owner

As the top role within a channel, the channel owner can do all the actions a moderator can do, and: 

  • Edit or Delete the channel
  • View (or revoke) pending invites to the channel
  • Approve or decline a Request to Join
  • Add another owner to the Channel Owners
  • Add or remove Channel Moderators

Community Manager

Your school can designate one or more Campus Cloud users as Community Managers. This is the highest level of permission within the Community. 

Community Managers can do all the actions of Moderators and Channel Owners, across all channels in Community. 

As well, they can:

  • Globally mute a user
  • Remove Channel Owners
  • Monitor the Community for keywords, and receive email alerts

Community Permissions

Campus Cloud uses a permissions system to control who can do what within community channels.

Figure 1: Fine-tune the permissions of roles using Community Settings

You can fine-tune the community permissions to assign specific permissions to specific roles. For example, you can manage who has access to information (by setting the View Member List and Download Reports permissions). Or it can help you foster the kind of community you want: either very open (where it is easy to create channels, invite people, etc) or a more closed system where control is more centralized. 

Access to Community Settings is controlled by roles and permissions. For information, see "Roles and Permissions" below.

Fine-tuning community permissions is done with Community Settings. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud, then click your name in the top right corner
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click Campus Settings
  • Click Community Settings to view a list of actions that are possible within a channel
  • Use the menus to assign those actions to owners, members, and moderators
  • Click Save

Campus Cloud adjusts what actions are allowed in each of the various roles, based on the options you select in Community Settings.