Community: Posts and Comments

In the campus Community, conversations happen through channels. To start and join conversations, learn how to make posts and comments.

This article focuses on:

Create posts and comments

How you post messages in the community depends on your user's permission. For information, see "Roles and Permissions" below.

There are two ways to post messages in the community:

  • Make posts and comments as yourself
  • Make posts and comments on behalf of a host* you have access to

(*) A Host is an organization, service, or athletic club.


Using Campus Cloud

  • Log in to Campus Cloud and click Community.
  • Click the menu at the top of the sidebar.
  • In the menu that appears, choose your name to post as yourself or click on "Select Host" and choose from the list of hosts you have access to.
  • Add text to your post using the text box (up to 750 characters maximum).
  • [Optional] Click "Add Images" to add up to four images* from your computer.
  • When you're done, click on "Post".


Figure 1. The menu at the top of the sidebar allows you to switch between posting as yourself and posting as a host (you must have manage permissions for that host, i.e.service)

Your post appears in the channel, attributed either to you or to the host you have selected.


Using the Campus App (on phones)

As yourself:

  • Log in to the campus app
  • Tap Community (community_icon__app_.jpeg)
  • Tap the hamburger menu/ three lines (3917215.png) on the top left corner
  • [Optional] Choose the channel from the community sidebar
  • Type your message and post. (*)

Community_iphone13blue_portrait.png  Yourself_iphone13blue_portrait.png  Post_Message_iphone13blue_portrait.png

Figure 2. Campus app: how to use the community as "Yourself"


(*) To post messages or comment on private channels you need to add yourself as a member of that channel.


As a Host:

  • Log in to Campus App
  • Tap Community (community_icon__app_.jpeg)
  • Tap the hamburger menu/ three lines (3917215.png) on the top left corner
  • Click the drop-down arrow (dropdown-menu-icon-12.jpeg) next to your name
  • Search (54481.png) the service that you are an admin for 
  • Select the service 
  • Again, tap the hamburger menu/ three lines (3917215.png) on the top left corner
  • You will now see the service name instead of yours
  • Now select the channel that you want to post on as a host(*)
  • Type your message and post. 


Figure 3. Campus app: how to use the community as a "Host"  

(*) The particular "Service" needs to be added to the channel as a member first to use it as a host.


Edit your messages

You can edit messages you post in the campus community to correct minor mistakes or clarify your words.

  • In the community, find the post you want to edit
  • Click "More" (vertical_more.png)
  • Click Edit Post

The steps are the same for both Campus Cloud and the mobile app.



Figure 2. Editing your post

Download Posts and Comments

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can find channels you wish to Find and Join a Channel, Search posts, and Download Posts and Comments. In this article, we will cover how to download posts.

  • Log in to Campus Cloud, then click Community
  • [Optional] Search for keywords, or apply a filter, to download messages only that match your criteria
  • In the drop-down menu (vertical_more.png), click Download Posts


Figure 1 - Community - Select a Channel - Download Posts

Settings Required to Download Posts

To be able to download posts from a channel:

  1. The "Download Posts" permission needs to be set under Campus Settings > Community Settings (see Figure 2 below).
  2. You need to have the Community Manager's permission in your Team Settings or be an Owner or Moderator for a channel (depending on the settings in #1 above). If you would like more information, you can review this article: Fine-Tune Community Permissions with Community Settings.


Figure 2 - Campus Settings - Community Settings

Banned Words from Community

A Profanity filter, also known as a language filter is automatically applied to the communication used on the Campus App for all the users. We at Ready Education care for the student experience and have a system that automatically cleans up bad language on the app. Any swearing or offensive language will be stared out, and the list of words considered inappropriate can be found here.