Community: Search and Delete Post

You can now easily search for keywords, across specific users, within a date range, and across deleted and flagged messages in your channel.

To find messages and posts can often be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are three useful tools to find what you are looking for:


Figure 1 Tools to search Posts & Messages in the Community


Start a Search

You can search across multiple channels or in-depth within a single channel. It looks for messages in the entire campus community.


Figure 2 - Left side of the navigation sidebar `


Search in One Channel

Once you have joined a channel, you can search for messages within it. 

  • Log in to Campus Cloud, then click on Community in the top navigation menu.
  • Find the channel in the list of channels and click on the channel's name.
  • Type keywords into the search bar to locate a post with those keywords within that channel.
  • Use the "Filter" option to narrow your search further.


Figure 3 - Search and Filters in the channel header


How to Search

Keyword Search 

You can search for posts or comments containing specific keywords or phrases. When showing search results, Campus Cloud highlights the matching words so you can easily scan your search results.


Filter Search



Figure 4 - Narrow your search results with Filters


Keyword Sets: Search for messages using pre-established keyword sets. The only posts displayed are those within that channel that contain one or more keywords in the set. Learn more about Keyword Set Filters.

Users: Search for messages posted by an app user. You can select up to five students at one time to use in this filter.

Channels: Use this filter to restrict your search to specific channels (to a maximum of 100)

Status: Use this filter to show only messages that have been reported as inappropriate or deleted

Date: Search for posts and comments within a specified date range.

To apply filters to the Search Results:

  • Click the Filter dropdown menu
  • Select your filter and provide the criteria.

Campus Cloud displays the filtered search results in real-time, and you can download conversations from the campus community after searching and filtering. Find more related information here.

(**) filters you can use are dependent on your permissions. 

Roles and Permissions

  • Searching across multiple channels - You must be logged in as a user with the Community Manager's permission to filter by keyword set, status, and user. 
  • Searching in a single channel - The filters you can use depend on your role within that channel: Owners and moderators can filter by keyword sets, users, status, and date, whereas members can only filter by date.

For more information: Fine-Tune Community Permissions with Community Settings.

Delete Posts

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can moderate community content and post messages on the channels. If you moderate the campus community, you may see posts that students have reported as inappropriate. You can: 



To delete a post:

  • Locate the post
  • Select "Delete" from the drop-down menu
  • Click "Delete" to confirm (You cannot undo)

See who has reported a post:

  • Search for a reported post using the filter, Status-> Reported
  • Hover over the flag icon to view who reported the post
  • You can control the number of reports if you have access to Channel Settings. 

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