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Manage: Campus Content

Campus Content, as the name suggests, is a function that allows you to create various resources for your students on your Campus App.

Under "Manage" in the top navigation menu, Campus Content includes the following sections:


Figure 1 - Manage Campus Resources

How to access Campus Contents:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud
  • Click on "Manage" on the top navigation menu
  • The "Campus Content" section is on the left sidebar 


Under "Events", you can create events for clubs and organizations to which you have access and services for which you are a member. Students can view the event in the app by clicking on the "Events" tile or by searching for the name of the event.

You can create multiple events to share with your students and also enable "assessment," which allows them to give quick feedback on events through the app. Campus Cloud gives you the ability to view a summary of event feedback.

To create an Event

  1. Click Manage, then click Events.
  2. Click on Create Event.
  3. Upload an Image.
  4. Type a Name and Description.
  5. Select a Host (the list of Hosts is based on the 'Services' and 'Organizations' you have created).
  6. Select Start and End Dates.
  7. Turn on Assessment (optional) - this will allow you to track attendance and collect feedback from event attendees after the event.
  8. Enter a Location or Conference link (optional).
  9. Click Save.

Events can also be created using a CSV import, or through RSS/iCal/Atom integration feeds. Learn more about Events here: Events - A Detailed Breakdown.


Create resources using a rich content builder, organize and manage all resources using the resource hub, and share resources through the campus app or web links with the campus population. Centralize all resources and build a resource calendar to provide students with relevant content depending on the time of year.

You can view, edit and create Resources under the Manage section on Campus Cloud with the 'Resources' permission under Team Settings.

Create a Resource

  1. Click Manage, then click Resources.
  2. Click on Create Resource.
  3. Type a name for your Resource, choose an image, choose a host and type a description.
  4. Enter or copy/paste content including text, images, links/hyperlinks, and videos.
  5. Click Save.

Learn more about Resources using the links below:


Services represent institutional or community-based services on your campus such as libraries, counsellors, tutors, etc. By creating a Service using Campus Cloud, you can inform students about Services they can access through your Campus App.

Campus Services can also be created under a hidden category to be designated as emergency contacts. There is a special section in the campus app for emergency contacts

To create a service: 

  1. Click Manage, then click Services.
  2. Click on Create Service.
  3. Type a name and description.
  4. Upload an Image.
  5. Provide contact information such as a phone number, email address, and website (optional).
  6. Enable Membership and Wall (optional). *
  7. Turn on assessment (optional). **
  8. Save.

(*) Turning on the membership wall for a 'Service creates a group in the Community under the same host. Learn more on how to Use Community as a Host.

(**) Enabling assessment for Services allows you to create Service Providers, and collect feedback from students about services or specific service providers. 

Know more with a detailed breakdown of Services.


Locations allows you to create an interactive campus map, with a list of campus locations for events, services, dining and more. You can mark the exact location of the buildings in your premises.

To create a new location:

  1. Click on Manage, then Locations.
  2. Click on Create Location.
  3. Select a category, or create a new category.
  4. Type a name and acronym for the location.
  5. Upload an image (optional).
  6. Type the address and select your location from the list of results.
  7. Add the longitude and latitude (optional).
  8. Add a description, phone, email, link label and link (optional).
  9. Under "Opening Hours", select when the location is "Open" and select hours of operation (optional).
  10. Click Save.

Having a well-developed list of campus locations makes it easy to set up campus services and service providers, and easy to create events at those locations.  


Dining Locations can include more information than a regular location to provide students with additional information such as menus, dietary notes, and daily specials. Students can view the dining locations you create on the map in the campus guide.

To create a Dining Location:

  1. Click on Manage, then click Dining.
  2. Click on Create Dining.
  3. Select a Category from the dropdown list.
  4. Type a Location Name.
  5. Type an acronym for the location (optional).
  6. Enter an address to display an exact location on your Campus Map.
  7. Upload an image (optional).
  8. Type Description, Phone Number, Email, Link Label, Link and Dietary Notes (optional)
  9. Under "Dining Hours", click on Add Meal (example: Lunch) and select select hours of operation (optional).
  10. Click Save.

To create a new location category:

  1. Click "Manage" then click "Dining."
  2. Click "Manage Categories."
  3. Click "Create Category."
  4. Select a map pin icon and map pin colour for your category.*
  5. Type a category name and select a type.
  6. Click "Save."

(*) The icon and pin colour determine how this category of dining locations appears on the campus map.

To edit an existing category for locations:

  • Click "Manage" then click "Dining."
  • Click "Manage Categories."
  • Click Capture.png next to the dining location category.
  • Edit category and click "Save."


It enables you to create a calendar of important dates that the students can subscribe to and view the items in the app timetable. 

To create a calendar: 

    1. Click on Manage, then click Calendars.
    2. Click on Create Calendar.
    3. Provide a name for your Calendar, and a description (optional).
    4. Click on Save.
    5. Once the calendar is created, click on the Calendar name to add 'Calendar Items'.

To create a Calendar Item in a Calendar:

  • Click Manage, then click Calendars
  • Find the Calendar in the list, and click its name (*).
  • Click Create Calendar Item. (upload a CSV file to upload multiple calendar items at once)

Selecting "All Day" will set a start time of 12:00 AM and an end time of 11:59 PM for your event.

To edit a calendar item, click its name in the list of calendar items.

To delete a calendar item, click the "X" next to it. 

Learn more about Calendar Integrations