"Notify" appears on the top navigation menu in Campus Cloud. Through this functionality, you are able to engage your students through announcements and updates, by sending push notifications that will appear on students' phones (similarly to a text message). You can send your message to everyone on campus, or to an "audience" of students (a list of recipients).

Learn how how to:


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Notify


Create an Announcement

  • Click "Notify" then click “Create Announcement”
  • Select the recipients of your announcement:


Create an Announcement Template

you can create a template to use when sending announcements (push notifications). You can compose announcements in advance and save the templates. Then, you can use the templates to send a notification quickly when you need to. 

  • Click "Notify", then click "Templates".
  • Click on "Create Template".
  • To create a template that will go to all students, turn on the “Campus-Wide” toggle.
  • Or, in the "To" field, type the names of students, or the name of a saved audience (Types of Audiences).
  • In the "Type" field, select regular, urgent or emergency.
  • Select a host (a club or a group) as the sender of the message.
  • Type the subject and the text of the message.
  • Click “Save".

Your announcement template will appear in the list; to use your template to send an announcement: 

  • Click "Notify" then click "Templates".
  • Find your template in the list, and click it.
  • Review your announcement, and click "Send".

You can send a message now or in the future. To "Schedule" a message in the future, click "Send Later" and choose a time in the future while creating an announcement.

Notifications (Regular, Urgent, Emergency)

Students have the option of turning off campus app notifications. You can send priority messages (urgent or emergency) that override this setting. Students must tap and hold an emergency message, so they cannot dismiss it without reading it. Only campus-wide messages can be emergency messages. 

To summarize, there are three kinds of notification: 

  • Regular: The student can choose not to receive these messages, based on their notification settings. 
  • Urgent: These messages will override a student's notification settings. 
  • Emergency: These messages will override a student's notification settings and cannot be dismissed without reading. 

Note that it is still possible for students to block push notifications associated with these messages. 

Students control notifications they receive

Students can turn notifications off in their device settings. In this case, they will not receive any kinds of notifications, urgent, emergency, or otherwise. Therefore, always encourage your students to leave phone notifications on.

Emergency Preparedness

Sending an emergency message requires the “Emergency Announcement” permission.  If you cannot select “Emergency” as the type of your announcement, contact your Campus Cloud administrator or Ready Education Campus Success Consultant to request this permission.