Students: App Users

Anyone who registers on the Campus App is an App User. Campus Cloud stores all activity logs and assessment data within itself of these users. As an administrator, you can view all these individual activities and messages, or mute a user as well. 

Under the 'Students' section in Campus Cloud, you can:


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Students - App Users


Message Students

You can message individual students. To do so,

  • Log in to Campus Cloud 
  • Click Students - App Users
  • Click the name of the student (you wish to message)
  • Click "Message" 


Figure 2 - Message Individual Users


Muting prevents them from posting, commenting, liking, and reporting in Community. They can still view posts and comments.

To Mute or Unmute:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud 
  • Click on Students, then App Users
  • Search for and click on the name of the student you wish to mute/unmute
  • Toggle the "Mute" on or off.


Figure 3 - Mute Users

Download Assessment

You can download all assessment details like check-in type, check-ins, check-outs, etc. for every user.

To Download:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud 
  • Click Students - App Users
  • Search for and click on the name of the student you wish to download the assessment for
  • Click on Download Assessment.

This will generate a CSV file in your Downloads folder, which will have the following fields of data:

  • Check-in Item
  • Type
  • Check-in Date
  • Check-in Time
  • Check out Date
  • Check out Time 
  • Time Spent (in seconds)
  • Response Data
  • Ratings
  • Response


Figure 4 - Download Assessment Data for a User

Close or Ban an App Account 

As an administrator, if you'd like to Close or Ban an app Account for an App user please make sure to submit a request to Support.


  • Closing the account: A user would be able to create their account again using the same
    email address.
  • Ban the Account: A user will not be able to recreate their account using the same email. If you'd like to reinstate this user into the app, you'd have to make an official request to us.