Account Settings

A Campus Cloud administrator would go to their "Account Settings" to manage personal email notifications and access to Campus Cloud. This is available under the user access menu, and allows the to manage the following:


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Account Settings

Change Password

This function allows the user to change the password they use to log in to Campus Cloud. Passwords must be a minimum of six characters.

Note: Changing the password here does NOT change the user's app password. 


Figure 2 - Change Password

Email Notifications

This function allows the user to subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications sent as part of a Campus Cloud Contact Trace workflow. The user can turn two types of notifications on or off:

  • Case Status 
  • Campus Pass 
  • Keyword Alerts


Figure 3 - Email Notifications

Case Status Toggle

Campus Cloud users with the Cases permission receive email updates about COVID-19 cases on campus. This toggle lets a user turn those email updates on or off.

Campus Pass Toggle

By default, app users who receive a campus pass in the app will receive the same campus pass by email. This toggle lets a user turn the campus pass email on or off.

Permissions control what toggles are visible on this page:

  • Case Status appears if the user has the Cases permission
  • Campus Pass appears for all users 

* The "Case Status" and "Campus Pass" toggles are visible only if your institution has enabled the Contact Trace Plus entitlement. 

Community Alerts Toggle

Owners and moderators of a channel receive email alerts when a keyword has been triggered in the Community section of the app.