Campus Settings

In Campus Settings, you can fine-tune your Community Settings, change your school Logo & Branding colour and manage your Health and Wellness Settings.

This article focuses on:

Community Settings

Campus Cloud uses a permissions system to control who can do what within community channels.

You can fine-tune the community permissions to assign specific permissions to specific roles. For example, you can manage who has access to information (by setting the View Member List and Download Reports permissions).

Figure 1. Fine-tune Campus Cloud administrator's permissions.

Fine-tuning community permissions is done with Community Settings. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud, then click your name in the top right corner
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click Campus Settings
  • Click Community Settings>>Permissions to view a list of actions that are possible within a channel
  • Use the menus to assign those actions to owners, members, and moderators
  • Click Save

You can also access Community Keyword Alerts from the Community Settings menu.


As a Campus Cloud Administrator, you can change the logo displayed at the top of the campus app Home Page. You can also change the color scheme (the branding color).


Figure 2. Branding

To change the app logo:

  • Click your name in the top right corner of Campus Cloud
  • Click Campus Settings
  • Click Branding
  • In the Branding Color and Logo section, click Upload Image
  • Select an image*
  • Click Save

To change the branding color:

  • In the Branding Color and Logo section, type a 6-digit color hex code
  • Click Save

The logo appears in the campus app, at the top of the Home Page, with the chosen color as a background.

Click Remove Logo in Campus Cloud to revert to a text version of your school name.

(*) For best results, make sure your logo and color meet the following requirements:

  • The image is white on a transparent background.
  • The image format is PNG with Alpha.
  • The image size is 480 pixels wide by 99 pixels high and the file size is less than 2 MB. 
  • The branding color is any color except White.

Health and Wellness

This area focuses on setting up Campus Passes, Case Statuses, and Pass Restrictions for your school. 

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