Insights: Engagement

"Engagement" is a powerful tool that you can leverage to give the best experience to your students. You can find this function in the "Insights" on Campus Cloud.



Figure 1 - Insights - CC Engagement


'Engagement' has three sections. From top to bottom:


You can filter the data presented in the Student Lists and Student Engagement graph:

  • by the level of engagement (1)
  • by groups defined in Manage Lists (2)
  • by timeframe (one week, one month, six weeks, three months) (3)

Your filter choices affect the events and services shown in Top Events and Top Services.



Figure 2 - Top Most Section in Engagement - "Filters"

The Students list in the filters is the 'audiences' which you can create or find in the "Students" function in Campus Cloud. For more information, see here.



The students are grouped based on their level of engagement with events and services on campus. The groups used are: 

  • Multiple engagements (more than one Event or Service check-in) for the timeframe selected
  • One engagement for the timeframe selected
  • No engagements for the timeframe selected

Use the “Download” button to get the detailed data for the students in each group and "Message" to send push notifications directly to students in each group. Learn more about how to notify students.


Student Engagement Graph

This gives you detailed information about the engagement by the students for Events or Services at your university in the timeframe selected. 


Top Events, Top Services & Top Programs

Once you select the needed filters on the top, these show the following:

  • Highest Attendance (highest number of students checked in)
  • Highest Feedback (most feedback given)
  • Highest Rating (highest average star rating)