Insights: Data Export

"Data Export" allows a Campus Cloud administrator to export the list of registered app users for your Campus App (excluding deleted and banned users). 

You can export the list of app users to a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file, which you can use to perform analysis or archive your records. 


To Export

  • Click on "Insights" in the top navigation menu.
  • Then, click on "Data Export" in the left navigation menu.
  • Next to App Users, click Export.
  • Choose a location for the downloaded file.
  • Save the CSV file by its default name,* or type a new name.


Figure 1 - Insights - Data Export

The exported CSV file contains: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Student ID
  • Registration Date
  • Last Activity

(*) The format of the CSV file name is: 

  • App_Users_YYYY_MM_DD_HHMM.csv

(*) Problems that you may encounter with CSV File:

  • "Microsoft Excel is unable to properly display UTF-8 compliant CSV files when they contain non-English characters." You can troubleshoot this problem yourself using a notepad. For more information, click here.


Figure 2 - App Users CSV export sample