Health & Wellness (App Module)

The Health and Wellness module of the campus app is home to Health Pass and provides an overview of all student interactions with health forms and QR codes. It also records a student’s Health History and Contact Tracing history.  

Students can view the Health and Wellness app module by following these steps:

  • Log in to the app and tap My Profile
  • Tap Health and Wellness

This article focuses on: 

Health & Wellness

Campus Pass is determined based on a student’s answers to forms such as the Self-Reporting form and Pre-Screener. A student’s campus pass can tell students if they are clear to come to campus or if they should stay home. Campus Pass can also give further instructions to students if they are not clear to come to campus. For more information, see Campus Pass.

Assessment History shows the record of all student submissions for various health forms. This includes the form title, date, and the student’s answers to the form.

Location History shows a record of a student’s interactions with your school’s safe reopening program, such as COVID-19 service centers and locations tagged with QR codes. 

When a student taps Testing Centers, they see the campus map overlaid with the locations of the COVID-19 Testing Centers you have set up using Campus Cloud Services. 

For more information about adding COVID-19 testing centers to the campus map, please see:

Campus Pass

You can use a student’s answers to forms to automatically determine if they are cleared to come to campus or stay home and seek medical advice. The result is shown in the student’s Campus Pass. 

For example, you can set up a pre-screener assessment form, and based on a student's answers to those questions, you can issue a customized campus pass. It appears in the Health and Wellness module on the campus app.

Case Statuses determine the Campus Pass. You can link a Case Status to a Campus Pass that will be generated for the student. For more information, see Assign a Case Status to a Case.

A student’s Campus Pass can be:

  • Green. Cleared to attend campus
  • Orange. Exhibiting symptoms but still clear to attend
  • Red. Not Clear to attend 
  • Blue. Vaccinated 
  • Grey. No valid pass. The student can get a health pass by completing a pre-screener form.


Figure 1. Campus Pass

You can make changes to each Campus Pass from Campus Settings.

For more information, see Customize Campus Pass.

Use the Campus Map to Show Covid-19 Testing Centers

Being able to refer students to testing centers is an important part of safe reopening. You can add COVID-19 testing centers to the campus map for students to easily access.

  • Click Manage, then under Campus Resources, click Locations
  • Click Create Location
  • For category, select Testing Center
  • Type a name for this location and an acronym
  • Upload an image (optional)
  • Type the address and select your location from the list of results.  
  • Add a description, phone, email, link label and link (optional)
  • Toggle on/ off opening hours and checkmark opening days and time*
  • Click "Save"


Figure 2. Create Location

Campus Cloud adds the testing center to the campus map. The testing center is displayed in the Health and Wellness module of the campus app. A map of testing centers appears in “Testing for Covid-19” in the app’s Health and Wellness module.

Check Location History on Campus App:

  • Navigate to "My Profile"
  • Select "Health & Wellness"
  • Click on "Testing Centers"


Figure 2. Locations in Campus App

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