Create a Workflow

A workflow is a collection of sequences. Workflows let you group sequences together to view them and run them. Other than being grouped together, sequences in a workflow are independent. You can group any sequences together into a workflow -- they don’t have to be related. You can group up to ten sequences together in a workflow.

This article focuses on:

Create a Workflow

  • Click Manage, then click Workflows
  • Click New Workflow
  • Type a name for your Workflow and click Save

Your workflow appears in the list. 

Figure 1. Create a Workflow

Your new workflow is an empty container you can use to hold sequences that you create. For more information, see Create a Sequence.

Sequences within a workflow are independent. You can trigger one sequence in a workflow without affecting any of the others.

Edit or Delete a Workflow

To edit a workflow (change its name), click “...” next to the workflow name.

To delete a workflow, click “...” next to its name, then select delete. When you delete a workflow, you will delete all the sequences it contains. Any sequences that are running will be stopped. Any information will be lost for the sequences in the workflow. For example, you will lose the record of when the sequence was run, the recorded error messages, and so on. 

Roles and Permissions

Workflows is controlled by the Workflows permission in Team Settings. Campus Cloud administrators who have this permission will see Workflows appear in the navigation sidebar, and they will be able to create, edit and delete all workflows. These users can also create, edit and delete sequences. 


Figure 2. Workflows in the navigation sidebar