Engage & Notify for an Orientation Event

Campus Cloud enables you to engage with your students through groups and also Notify your students about any upcoming events. Groups are created when creating your Orientation event and turn on its membership wall. In this article, you will learn how to:

Engage in Community as Orientation Manager

  • Log in to Campus Cloud.
  • Click on 'Community'
  • Click the "Use-As" menu in the Community sidebar (see Figure 2).
  • Select a Host from the list of available hosts (comprised of Services, Organizations, and Athletics).
  • Then select the group from the list under "Groups" (it appears at the bottom after all private groups).
  • Post your Message.
  • Save.


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud Community


Figure 2 - Select drop-down to select the host to use as Orientation Manager

(*) To use groups in Community, you need to be an Orientation Manager. 


To engage with the Community on Campus App

  • Log in to your campus App
  • Click the "Message" tab at the centre of the footer on your app
  • Click the three lines on the Top left
  • Select your group and post a new comment or react to any existing comment.

Notify Students of Events

"Notify" appears on the top left in your Campus Cloud next to the "Community" tab, and it empowers you to make announcements by sending push-notifications that will appear on students' phones, like a text message.



Figure 3 - Campus Cloud - Notify


To create an announcement:

  • Click 'Notify' then click 'Create Announcement'.
  • Select the recipients of your announcement:
    • Campus-wide.
    • A saved audience.

There are three kinds of notifications: 

  • Regular. The student can choose not to receive these messages based on their notification settings. 
  • Urgent. These messages will override a student's notification settings. 
  • Emergency. These messages will override a student's notification settings and cannot be dismissed without reading. 

Note that it is still possible for students to block push notifications associated with these messages.

Learn more about audiences and push notifications here: Notify Audiences of Students.