Track & Assess Orientation Events

Campus Cloud lets you create an orientation event and track and assess the events as well. You can see how many students checked in and what feedback they provided for your events.
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Figure 1 - Campus Cloud Orientation Event Track & Assess

Track Attendance for Orientation Events 

When you create an event at your campus, you would want to know how many students attended it; Campus Cloud gives you the ease to track attendance for the events.

To track an orientation event attendance:

  • Click Manage, then click Orientation
  • Locate the Program for which you wish to create an event (create a new program if it's not already on the list)
  • Click the name of the program
  • Then create the event with assessment by turning on the toggle on the right side of the page (you can also turn on the assessment for an already created upcoming event in the list.)
  • Select an event manager from the drop-down menu (must be a registered user of Campus Cloud
  • (Optional) Specify an attendance manager (*).
  • Click “Create Event.”
  • Now click “Check-In” to start taking attendance for your event.

There are three ways to check students into your event:

  1. Click “Download QR Code” to save the event QR code to your computer, then print it. Students scan the printed QR code to check in to the event.
  2. Display the QR code shown on the “Check-In” page for the event. Students scan the code on-screen to check in.
  3. Check in a student manually (without the mobile app) by typing the student’s name and email into “Check-in” and clicking “Confirm.”

Assess Student Engagement for Orientation Events 

  • Events that use assessment have a star rating shown next to the name of the event
  • Select the Assessment checkbox to show only events that use assessment
  • Click the name of any event to see assessment data for that event
  • You can also turn on student feedback and write a feedback question
  • The event manager receives a summary email of student feedback.
  • The attendance manager (optional) receives an email with the names of students who checked in to the event.

If you turn Feedback on, students who check in receive a notification to answer your feedback question and rate the event. 

When you turn on assessment for events you create, you get a QR code that students can scan. You can use the QR code to: 

  • check students into the event
  • record what time they check out from the event
  • get feedback from the people who attended
  • send them a message

(*) When your event is over, the attendance manager receives an email that lists the students who attended the event. If you do not specify an attendance manager, the event manager receives this email. 

(**) Know more about some "Best Practices" around these functions of Campus Cloud.