Track and Manage Cases On Your Campus

Contact Trace Plus provides a powerful suite of tools to manage cases of COVID-19 on campus. You can see an overview of all Cases, take action on a group of Cases and follow-up with students.

Campus Cloud provides an overview of Cases and user's Case Status on campus. The campus app includes a Campus Pass you can use in conjunction with QR codes. QR codes can be used to track who was at a particular place at a particular time. Based on this information, you can perform contact tracing on Confirmed Cases of COVID-19.

This article focuses on:

** Contact your Campus Success Consultant to enable Contact Trace Plus:

Create a Case

There are three ways to create Cases: 

  • Automatically. A case is created for each student that completes a Pre-Screening, Self-reporting, Symptom Tracker, Testing, or Vaccination Form.
  • Manually. You can create cases manually. A person doesn't need to have an app account for this. 

 Figure 1. Create Case Manually

  • Importing a CSV file. You can upload a CSV file to populate Campus Cloud with Cases for all students. Know more about how to bulk edit cases.

Figure 2. Importing Cases from CSV file

View Cases, Case Activities and Case Notes

View Cases

The case activity of a student keeps changing and you can keep track of them as well as edit the actions for a case.

  • Click Manage, then under Health & Wellness, click Cases.
  • You can use search for a name or email or use filters to find your case in the list.
  • Click the case to see the Activity Log

The activity log shows a chronological record of all events on a case, such as a status change or action taken. The log includes the date of each event, the case status at that moment in time, and the source (allowing you to trace how a certain case got a certain status). You can search for a particular case by name or filter by a date range. You can also filter using the “All Cases” dropdown and select cases for a particular status. The mini dashboard on the right shows case counts per status.

You can also download all the cases, including all the case activities associated with them.

  • Click the dropdown next to Create Case, then click Download Cases. This downloads two CSV files that include all case data.

Figure 3. Edit a Case to add notes, change Case Status etc

View Case Activities

If a student’s case status changes because of their answers to a form, the Source field provides a link to the form. If an administrator manually changes a case status, the administrator’s name is recorded in the log.

Whenever a student completes a form or gets an updated health status, a new entry is automatically generated in the log. You can create manual entries in the activity log to update the case status or make notes.

Based on the case status, you can take action such as sending instructions to students with a particular case status. For more information see Take Actions on COVID-19 Cases.

Make Notes on a Case

You can add any additional information related to a case or case activity log, and save it. Notes are visible to all Campus Cloud users, but they are not visible outside Campus Cloud.

To make a note on a case:

  • Click Manage, then under Health & Wellness, click Cases
  • You can use search and filters to find your case in the list
  • Click the case to see the Activity Log
  • Edit the case and make a note.
  • Campus Cloud records your note and updates the case activity log. To view past notes, click “Notes” in the case activity log.

If you make a note on a student's case, it's not visible to the student. To send a message students can see, send them a notification. 

Latest Test Date

One of the attributes of a student's case is their Latest Test Date -- the latest date for which Covid testing information is available.

To set a student's Latest Test Date, here are the steps: 

  • Manage Cases
  • Use Search, or browse to find the case you want to edit
  • Click the case to view it
  • Enter a date for Latest Test Date

In Manage Cases, you can filter search results based on Latest Test Date.

You can also use Pass Expiry to control what Campus Pass a student sees in the app, based on their Latest Test Date. For more information, see Pass Expiry.

Take Action on COVID-19 Cases

Having a granular view of Cases lets you take action based on Case Status. 

For example, you could send a message to all students whose case status is “Clear” Or, you could send a message to individual students one by one. For more information, see Send Exposure Notifications.

You can send a message to app users from Action by clicking on "Send Instructions"
Here are the steps: 

  • Click Manage, then under Health & Wellness, click Cases
  • Find the Case you are looking for in the list, and click its name
  • Click Send Instructions next to Action to send app notification to the user

Figure 4. Take Action on a Case


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