Vaccinations and Testing

Safely reopen campus and manage vaccination records using the Vaccination Form. Users can complete the vaccination form and receive an appropriate Campus Pass for entry onto campus. On Campus Cloud, administrators can manage vaccination records for compliance purposes.

** Contact your Campus Success Consultant to enable Contact Trace Plus: The features described in this article are part of Contact Trace and Contact Trace Plus entitlements.

This article focuses on:

Manage Vaccinations on Campus

  1. Create a Vaccination Form
  2. Create Case Statuses to manage students through the workflow
  3. Create Campus Passes for use in the Campus app 
  4. Publish the Form 
  5. View the Results

Create A Vaccination Form

Create a vaccination form from the template, or customize the form with ‘Form Builder’. Forms, including the vaccination form, are used to set the Case Status. To learn more about creating and editing forms, see Health Screening Forms.

Create Case Statuses To Manage Vaccination Workflows

Now, you can create your own Case Statuses to assign to users. Based on a Case Status, you can take different actions. Each Case Status gets a Campus Pass associated with it.  A user who has a particular Case Status will see that Campus Pass in the app. To learn more, see Case Status.

Create Campus Passes For Use In The Campus App

Users are assigned a Campus Pass based on their Case Status. Campus Pass works with QR codes to restrict access to locations on campus. To learn more, see Campus Pass.

Publish the form on the app or to the web

As with other forms, you can publish in two ways:

  • Use Studio to create a tile linking users to the form in the Campus Guide, or
  • Share the form through a web URL

You can set a daily reminder for your form. To learn more, see Health Screening Forms.

View the results in Campus Cloud

Form results are available under Manage Forms or on the Health & Wellness Dashboard. You can filter and download results as a CSV file. Filter responses by:

  • Response
  • Audience or Experience
  • Date

To learn more, see Gain Insights with Health and Wellness Dashboard and Track and Manage Cases On Your Campus.

Figure 1. Filter form responses

Manage COVID-19 Testing on Campus

The students fill the Testing form, using the form results, the Campus Cloud administrators can validate and update the last test date. Based on the Case Status of a student, a Campus Pass is assigned. Based on Pass Restrictions, you can send automatic prompts to students to get re-tested.

  1. Create a Testing Form
  2. Set up auto-retest with Pass Restrictions
  3. View and download test results
  4. Add results to Cases
  5. Manage Cases

Create a Testing Form

Create a Testing Form using template or customize the form with Form Builder. Students provide the date of their last test. Forms, including the testing form, are used to set the case status. To learn more, see Health Screening Forms.


View and download test results

Manage Cases lets you view the details for each student’s case, including the date of their last test. 

Filter by:

  • Date of the last update
  • Date of the last test
  • Case status

Download results as a CSV. The downloaded file reflects the filters you use. If privacy is on, you can find this under your profile section on Campus Cloud, user's name and email will be hidden.

For more information, see Gain Insights with Health and Wellness Dashboard and Track and Manage Cases On Your Campus.

Add results to cases

You can set the date and time of the latest test using a combination of the Latest test date and Notes section in Case Details. of the last test and test time in Case Details along with notes. Your change will be reflected in the Case History. For more details, see Track and Manage Cases On Your Campus.

Manage Cases

From Case Details, you can take action on a case -- for example, by sending instructions based on a message template you define. More details here: Take Action on COVID-19 Cases.

You create the message template when you create a case status. See Create a Case Status for details.

Different case statuses can have different actions -- you can send different instructions. Send instructions individually, or to all students with a particular case status. For more details on sending instructions/notifications, visit Send Instructions to COVID-19 Cases.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.