Send Exposure Notifications

You can send notifications and follow-up with instructions based on a users' Case Status or a custom list of users.

You can filter the cases by their status and send instructions to students, either individually, or by sending a message to a group of students with a certain status. For example, you can send a push notification to all students whose case status is “Exposed” Or, you could send a message to individual students one by one.


Figure 1. Exposure Notification

This article focuses on:

Send an Exposure Notification

To send a notification, here are the steps:

  • Click Manage, then under Health & Wellness, click Exposure Notifications
  • Click on Create Notification
  • Select Notification Type (Regular, Urgent, or Emergency)
  • Select To. You can send a notification to all students with a specific status, or to a custom list of users
  • Select template*, Add subject and message
  • Click Send or Send Later**

You can use Exposure Notifications to notify any students who have come into contact with a Confirmed Case. 

When sending notifications to students, you generally have 3 options:

  • You can send a notification to a custom list of students, and add users to this list one by one
  • You can also import a list of students, in CSV format, and send a message to all users in that list. You can also send a message to all users who have a particular case status, such as Exposed or Clear

*Message Templates can be set by editing the Send instructions under Case Status.

**Send Later allows you to schedule an announcement for a later date.

Edit Notification Templates

There is one template for each notification you can send for a Case Status. This is the template used when you send a notification to all students of a particular status. You can edit these notification templates to suit your needs.

  • Click your name (top-right corner), then click Campus Settings
  • Click Health and Wellness
  • Find Case Status of the Notification Templates you want to update
  • Click the “pencil” icon next to it
  • Make your changes and save

Campus Cloud uses your updated text as a template for sending notifications to students.

Delete Notification

To delete a notification, here are the steps:

  • Click Manage, then Exposure Notification under Health and Wellness
  • Find your notification in the list, then click “X” to delete it

Your notification disappears from the Notification Center in the campus mobile app. Note that you cannot undo sending a push notification. If you delete a notification that generated a push, it disappears from the app, but the push notification will continue to appear on students’ phones until they dismiss it.

Roles and Permissions

To create notifications, you need to have the Notifications permission in Team Settings.

For more information, Team Permissions for Contact Trace Plus.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.