Campus Pass

You can use a user’s answers to forms to automatically/manually determine if they are cleared to come to campus or stay home and seek medical advice. The result is shown in the app user’s Campus Pass under the Health and Wellness Module.

You can create different kinds of Campus Passes to allow or restrict access to locations across campus. You can use Campus Pass to give information to users, such as instructions about what to do next.  


Figure 1. Create your own Campus Passes to use in the mobile app

This article focuses on:

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Create a Campus Pass

To create a new Campus Pass, here are the steps:

  • Click Campus Settings in the user menu (your name, top right corner)
  • Click Health & Wellness
  • Click New Pass 
  • Provide the title and description for the new Campus Pass
  • Choose a color and icon
  • Choose a Pass Type (clear or restricted)
  • If the Pass Type is Clear, choose Pass Expiry (On or Off)

Campus Cloud now shows the new Campus Pass in the list. 


Figure 2. Create a Campus Pass

Customize Campus Pass

Use Campus Pass to deliver clear instructions about how to proceed based on their Case Status. Campus Pass appears in the Health & Wellness section of the campus app. It can contain instructions, including links, about what to do next.

To customize Campus Pass, here are the steps: 

  • Click your name (top right), then click Campus Settings 
  • Click Health and Wellness 
  • Click the “pencil” icon next to a Campus Pass to customize its title, content, icon, and colour
  • You can also choose the pass type, either Clear or Restricted
  • You can also choose the pass expiry, either On or Off
  • When you are finished, click Save

Campus Cloud displays your updated Campus Pass in the list. 

Figure 3. Customize Campus Pass


Be sure to associate your Campus Pass with Case Status. Users who have that Case Status will see the associated Campus Pass in the campus app. 

Please note:

  • There is a limit of 255 characters for the title of the health pass
  • There is a limit of 1024 characters for the description

Types of Campus Pass

On Campus Cloud, there are four basic Campus Passes with default text which can be customized and new passes can also be created.

The Campus Passes can be used for a variety of campus safety-related workflows and give users information on the next steps to take.

  • Green Pass indicating  'You are clear!'
  • Yellow Pass indicating 'You are exhibiting symptoms'
  • Red Pass indicating 'You cannot come to campus'
  • Grey (No Pass) indicating 'No valid pass'  and it is the default pass

Note: There is only one default pass with limited customization.


Figure 4. Four Basic Campus Passes


Figure 5. Campus Passes as on the Campus Cloud

Pass Restrictions: Clear and Restricted

Campus Pass works with QR Codes to monitor and restrict access to certain locations on campus, to help you safely re-open your campus. 

A Campus Pass can be either clear or restricted. A clear pass lets users check in to locations across campus using QR Codes. A restricted pass will give a warning when students check-in on campus. 


Figure 6. Editing the Pass Type: Restricted and Clear

Pass Expiry of a Clear Pass

  • If Pass Expiry is ON, the user’s Clear pass will expire at midnight and be replaced by the default pass.

  • If Pass Expiry is OFF, the user’s Clear pass will not expire and will continue until it is replaced by an admin, or the user escalates their case status by answering a form.

This way, Campus Pass can be used with QR Codes to help control students’ access to campus and help with the safe reopening. 

Associate Campus Pass with Case Status

In order to manage your testing and vaccination workflows effectively, you may associate your Campus Passes with a given Case Status. Any user with that Case Status will see the associated Campus Pass. To know more about Case Statuses, visit Creating a Case Status.

There are three ways a user can be assigned a Case Status: 

  • You can assign them a Case Status manually
  • They can fill out a form in the campus app
  • They can fill out a form on the web

You may associate a Campus Pass with a Case Status by editing the Case Status.

You may also want to create a Case Status to use with your Campus Pass. For more information : 

How Campus Passes appear in the app

Campus Pass appears in the app after the user fills in a form that is connected to a Case Status. The user’s Case Status determines which Campus Pass they will see. Campus Pass appears in the campus app showing the title, color, and icon you selected, as well as the description. Use the description to provide information to users, including links.


Figure 7. Campus Pass in Mobile app

Users can also see the Campus Pass by going to My Profile >> tapping Health & Wellness >> tapping My Campus Pass. users who do not have a Campus Pass will see “No valid pass” and will be prompted to fill in a form to get a pass. 

A user's Campus Pass is also sent by email to the email address associated with their app account. (The email includes a link you can use to unsubscribe from this email).

Roles and Permissions

To create a new Campus Pass, you need to have the Forms permission in Team Settings. 

For more information, Team Permissions for Contact Trace Plus.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.