Back-to-School Checklist

Back to School season can be challenging for students. As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can help your students feel at ease by:

  • "Notifying" them about upcoming important due dates and events. 
  • Creating "Orientation" programs for important events, resources and to-dos.
  • Creating "Events" with Assessment features to track attendance and gather feedback.

In this article, you will learn how to: 

Create an Orientation Program

To Create a program:

  1. Log in to Campus Cloud.
  2. Click "Manage," then click "Orientation."
  3. Click "Create Program."
  4. Type a name and description for your orientation program. 
  5. [Optional] Turn on membership.
  6. Click Save.

You can see all the list of programs in "Orientation," and your student can see them on the Orientation tile in the Campus App.


Figure 1 - Campus Cloud - Student Life Orientation


Create an Orientation Event

To create an event within an Orientation program:

  1. Log in to Campus Cloud.
  2. Click "Manage," then click "Orientation."
  3. Find your orientation program, and click its name.
  4. Click "Events," then click "Create Event."

Orientation events work very similarly to regular events. Learn more here: Create an Event.


Create an Orientation To-do List

To create a to-do list within an orientation program:

  1. Log in to Campus Cloud.
  2. Click "Manage," then click "Orientation."
  3. Find your orientation program, and click its name.
  4. Click "To-do's," then click "Create New To-do."
  5. Type a name and due date for your to-do.
  6. [Optional] Type a short description. 
  7. Click "Save." 

Your item appears on the to-do list.  

Repeat the steps above for every item you want to add.

To edit a to-do item, click its name in the list. To delete a to-do, click the "X.".


Enable Membership Wall

To turn membership on for an orientation program that already exists: 

  1. Log in to Campus Cloud.
  2. Click "Manage," then click "Orientation."
  3. Find your orientation program, and click its name.
  4. Click "Info," then click "Edit."
  5. Turn on program membership.

Once you have created the Orientation Group Wall, it appears in Community under "Groups," and you can post there as an Orientation Manager.


Figure 2 - Campus Cloud - Orientation - Enable Program Membership


Add Members to Orientation Program

To add members to the orientation program:

  1. Click the program you wish to add members to.
  2. Click on "Members."
  3. Click "Add Member."
  4. Write the name (the person needs to have a Campus App Account) and select the "Member Type" (Member or Leader).
  5. Click Save.


Figure 3 - Campus Cloud - Orientation - Add Members



Engage in Community as Orientation Manager

To engage with the community as that Organization, Service or Orientation/ Athletics manager, click the "Use-As" menu in the Community sidebar, then select the host.

Figure 4 - Select drop-down to select the host to use as Orientation Manager

Learn more about how to Engage & Notify for an Orientation Event.


Notify Students of Events

It empowers you to make announcements by sending push notifications that will appear on students' phones, like a text message.

There are three kinds of notifications: 

  • Regular. The student can choose not to receive these messages based on their notification settings. 
  • Urgent. These messages will override a student's notification settings. 
  • Emergency. These messages will override a student's notification settings and cannot be dismissed without reading. 

Note that it is still possible for students to block push notifications associated with these messages.  More information here.


Track Attendance for Orientation Events 

If you would like to know if many students attended an Orientation event (or any event on campus), you can enable assessment features for an event through Campus Cloud. Assessment allows you to track attendance for and collect feedback on an event.

When your event is over, the attendance manager receives an email that lists the students who attended the event. If you do not specify an attendance manager, the event manager receives this email.

Learn more here: Create an Event with Assessment.


Figure 5 - Campus Cloud - Events - Assessment


Assess Student Engagement for Orientation Events 

  • Events that use assessment have a star rating shown next to the event's name.
  • You can create a custom feedback question.
  • After the event, the student receives an in-app survey asking them to rate the event on a scale of 1-5 stars and answer the custom feedback question.
  • The Event Manager receives a summary email of student feedback.
  • The Attendance Manager (optional) receives an email with the names of students who checked in to the event.

If you turn Feedback on, students who check in receive a notification to answer your feedback question and rate the event.

Learn more here: Create an Event with Assessment.