Team Settings

Campus Cloud uses a system of permissions to control the accessibility of a user. As an administrator, you can add new team members and grant them different permissions through team settings, to manage various sections and campus resources as suitable. 

This article focuses on:


Figure. Team Settings on Campus Cloud

Add a New Team Member

  • Click on the down arrow next to the School name
  • Select "Team Settings" 
  • Click "Create New Team Member"
  • Fill in the First name, Last Name & Email address
  • Grant the necessary permissions and click "Send Invite"

The permissions can be changed and updated as and when required.

Note: that you may need to whitelist Ready's IP address in order to receive the invitation email.

Edit a Team Member's permissions

  • Click your name (top right of the screen), then click "Team Settings."
  • On the Team Settings page, click the name of the user whose permissions you would like to update.
  • The Team Member’s page will now be displayed.

You can grant permissions in two ways:

  • “Copy my Campus Cloud Permissions” grants the new user access to the same features as you.
  • “Select Permissions” lets you assign specific permissions to people such as club executives and service executives.

Permissions on Campus Cloud

An outline of the permissions used within Campus Cloud:

Team Members: 

  • Can access team settings and invite or remove other members.

Service Executives: 

  • Can access all or specific services as allotted and also delete them. (with permission to manage All Services it allows to designate campus services as Emergency Care Contacts within the app.)
  • Can create events (by a service), service providers, and view student feedback for the same.

Organization Owners:

  • Can access all organizations or specifics as allotted.
  • Create events hosted by an organization, moderate the community, post, comment on posts and also delete organizations.

Athletics Owners:

  • Can access all athletic organizations or specifics as allotted.
  • Create events hosted by an organization, moderate the community, post, comment on posts and also delete organizations.


  • Allows you to create and manage groups of users (called "audiences") so you can send targeted campus announcements, and view data by user segment.

Contact Trace: (This is a premium entitlement.)

  • This grants access to Forms, Cases, Location data, and the Health Dashboard.
  • The Privacy option determines whether a user will be able to see personally identifying information for students, or a randomized health identifier.
  • For more information, see Team Permissions for Contact Trace Plus.

Event Viewer: 

  • Can view, edit, create and delete events.
  • "View Events and Event Assessment" under event viewer gives permission to view details of the event assessments.

Workflows: (This is a premium entitlement.)

  • Can create and manage workflows for automating actions such as posting to Community and sending notifications.

Community Manager: 

Notify & Assess are two other important sets of permissions that allows the user to send push notifications to students' phones and can view the Success Dashboard.

(*) Managing team members requires the "Team Members" permission. If you do not see "Team Settings" in the menu, contact your Campus Cloud administrator to request permission. 

(**) Team Managers can add or remove permissions to other users, but cannot grant permissions they do not have themselves. 

Submit a request to Ready Education Help Center for more information.