Ready Application Programming Interface (API) Overview

Campus Cloud and the campus app are powerful tools for delivering the right information, to the right student, at the right time. As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can use the Ready Application Programming Interface (API) to extend and leverage the power of the platform.

This overview of the Ready API includes the following sections: 

  1. Getting Started with Ready API
  2. Generate an API key to create an app integration
  3. Select API Endpoints
  4. API Key Management

1. Getting Started with Ready API

To access the API Management feature in Campus Cloud, speak to your Customer Success representative. Your Customer Success representative will grant access on a per-user basis.

Once you have access, here are the steps to take:

  • Log in to Campus Cloud
  • Click your name in the top-right
  • Click Campus Settings, then click API Management

2. Generate an API Key to Create an App Integration

An API key is what third-party software uses to gain access to the READY platform. You can generate an API key in a third-party app with API Management. Use "Create a New App Integration" to generate an API key.

For more information, see Create a New App Integration.

3. Select API Endpoints

The Ready API lets you programmatically access data in the Campus Cloud and campus mobile app platform. Some of the endpoints you can use are: 

  • User Information lets a third-party app access information about the logged-in user. You can launch a third-party app from within the campus app (by linking it to a campus guide tile), then customize it based on a student's name, email address, and so on.
  • Push Notification lets you send announcements directly to students' phones, where they appear in the campus app.
  • Campus returns a list of campuses used in the campus app (to use with the push notification endpoint). 
  • Audience returns a list of audiences in the campus app. You can send push notifications to dynamic or static audiences. 
  • Experience returns a list of experiences in the campus app.

You can also access Health & Wellness data in the Insights section of Campus Cloud. You can use the Daily Case Stats and Form Completion endpoints by creating an API token with access to Health & Wellness.

You can also access data in the Contact Trace module by creating an API token with access to Forms, QR Codes, Cases, and Exposure Notification.

Select the endpoints you want to use with third-party software, then create your API token by clicking "Generate Key and Save."

For more information, please see Ready API Technical Documentation.

4. API Key Management

You may need to edit or revoke an API key, to remove or change a third-party app integration. You can remove access to a third-party app by revoking its API key.

For more information, Edit/Revoke an API key.


  • If your school has disparate, disconnected databases, apps, and channels holding student information -- and what school doesn't? -- use the Ready API to combine that information and centralize it in the campus app.
  • Check out the User Information Endpoint for examples and ideas to get information out of a database and into the campus app.
  • Share our technical documentation with your Campus IT team to understand how your school might build tools for students.
  • Submit a request to Ready Education Help Center for help.